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The Graduate Institute of Collaborative Piano at Tainan National University of the Arts is the first graduate school devoted to the art of Collaborative Piano in Taiwan. Founded in 2003 with a commitment to offering a comprehensive, systematic and professional curriculum of collaborative piano techniques, the 15-year-old institute has nurtured next-generation professionals while playing a positive and significant role, thanks to the joint efforts of its faculty members. The institute aims to develop the potential of aspiring collaborative pianists in vocal and instrumental music. A new chamber music program for orchestral instrumental players is established in 2018. Each area of study features a comprehensive training curriculum, ample opportunities for hands-on experience, and seminars on special topics such as choral and dance accompaniment. Students are expected to gain competitive performance skills, knowledge of the vocal and instrumental chamber literature, and meet the highest possible standards in the international and professional music world.

Degree conferred upon program completion: Master of Music